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We have now moved this site to the main Scotsman.com site.

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Fancy joing the cast of The Whisky Stramash?

Fancy starring in a whisky stramash?

Aspiring actors and actresses  are being invited to act in a ‘whodunnit’ murder mystery, which will be the centre-piece of the  Stramash whisky festival.

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Pot Still launches women only tasting sessions

A wiser man than me once told me that he had only two vices; women and whisky. After which he’d produce a sly smile and inform me that he wasn’t sure which he had found to be more dangerous.

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The Pot Still

Sean Murphy: meet the new owners of the Pot Still

The old adage of Murphy's Law, created by my late, great uncle General Audey Murphy (unconfirmed family tie at time of writing) reads 'if it can go wrong, it probably will and at the worst possible time.'

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